Strategic Planning for Healthcare Organizations
Course Overview

Healthcare professionals often approach management like a service provider might approach a patient: identify a symptom or problem, make a diagnosis or analysis, and recommend a treatment plan. This is suitable for short-term initiatives and projects but not for executing long-term strategies for sustainability or growth.

This course introduces students to strategic planning for healthcare organizations, encouraging modern business approaches. Participants learn to gauge their organization's readiness; how to develop strategies that align with their organization's core values; and how to involve both internal and external stakeholders in the planning process.

Participants will also learn how to collect and analyze data to identify areas in need of improvement. Strategic planning training is highly valued and essential at all levels of healthcare administration.

Who should enroll in this course?

This course is intended for managers in the healthcare industry and those who are interested in moving from general administration to a leadership position. High-level healthcare administrators, non-physician executives, physician executives, and chief medical officers will benefit from this course.

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