Transformational Excellence: Change Leadership in Healthcare
Course Overview

This course,the first in the six-course certificate program, Healthcare Facilities Design: Strategy & Innovation, outlines important problems facing the healthcare industry, citing them as reasons for enacting transformational change. The course teaches healthcare leaders and managers how to gather data related to improvement strategies and then implement corrective actions designed to improve outcomes and service delivery. A real-world course project challenges students to explore how and why such a transformation occurs by inviting them to identify and implement one transformational change in their own healthcare organization.

Who should enroll in this course?

This course is intended for those currently working in a supervisory or managerial capacity in the healthcare industry, as well as those who want to move from positions in general administration to positions in healthcare leadership and administration. The course is also appropriate for professionals with a background in business and management who are new to the healthcare setting. Administrative directors, department heads, program directors, project leaders of key initiatives, clinical directors, and chiefs of staff and service will find this course appropriate to their needs.

Business Excellence for Health Professionals
Healthcare Leadership