Courage, Humility, and Compassion Course
Course Overview

Strong leaders are self-confident. They know and are comfortable with themselves and have an appropriate understanding of their knowledge and skills. Strong leaders’ confidence and character inspire others to follow the leaders and to reach beyond themselves.

In this course, you will work to develop the three character dimensions of courage, humility, and compassion. On the surface, these dimensions may seem contradictory (humility and courage?). However, through the following lessons, you will see how developing resilience for courage, willfulness for humility, and strength for compassion work together to create a leader of strong character.

Completion of the course Building Leadership Character is required prior to starting this course.

Who should enroll in this course?
  • Informal or formal leaders at any level in an organization
  • Religious and faith-based leaders
  • Humanitarian, non-profit, and NGO leaders
  • Anyone who is part of a work team and can influence others
Servant Leadership Certificate