Mastering the Essentials of Influence
Course Overview

As a leader, you are always influencing others. However, if you’re not mindful of how you exert this influence, it could lead to unforeseen consequences for yourself and your team. Your ability to negatively impact someone’s performance, or elevate it to new levels, is powerful and should be taken seriously. 

In this course, Professor Allan Filipowicz discusses how your beliefs drive your subordinates’ performance. You’ll learn how to identify negative and positive expectancy cycles and get the tools needed to reverse the former and accelerate the latter. 

Who should enroll in this course?
  • Mid- to upper-level managers, high potentials, and senior leaders from every continent and from a diverse range of organizations and industries, including large and small for-profit companies, NGOs, and governmental agencies
  • Leaders seeking to improve the performance of themselves and their teams. 
  • Any level of manager or individual contributor who needs to be more effective in interacting with colleagues, clients, direct reports, and superiors. 
Psychology of Leadership