The Application of Game Theory to Business Strategy
Course Overview

The introduction of Game Theory to business is a natural, as it serves to answer the central question "what are my opponents thinking and what is their next move?" Chess masters know how to think a few moves ahead, and put themselves "in the shoes" of their rival.

Known as "Allocentrism", the Game Theory approach can give your business an advantage and allows you to find synergies, even with your competition, counterintuitive as it seems. Learn to get inside the motivations and strategies of your rivals, exploit their weaknesses and bring more value to your business proposition. Discover how to "change the game" and turn the odds in your favor.

Who should enroll in this course?

This course is perfect for VPs and executives, directors, senior managers or those desiring more strategic leadership positions. Also, anyone who is looking to be a key player in high-level strategic decision making.

Business Strategy: Achieving Competitive Advantage