Strategic Positioning in Markets
Course Overview

How do you define the vertical market you're in? How big is your potential reach? Who are the other players and what kind of threat do they represent? Is your business structured to be profitable?

Central to your business strategy is identifying your strategic position. Strategic positioning is essentially how your firm "stacks up" to the competition and helps to define the scope and scale of your business. To survive and thrive you need accurate data-driven models for self-assessment and competition analysis.

This online course will cover product or service differentiation and help you stake your claim in a particular market segment. You'll delve into fascinating case studies from fashion icon Gucci to jewelry giant Zales and review several of the greatest do's and don'ts in the history of strategic positioning.

Who should enroll in this course?

This course is perfect for VPs and executives, directors, senior managers or those desiring more strategic leadership positions. Also, anyone who is looking to be a key player in high-level strategic decision making.

Business Strategy: Achieving Competitive Advantage