Implementing an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan
Course Overview

Properly utilizing digital marketing allows you to promote your products and services while building customer relationships through “paid media” and “owned media” initiatives. So how do you put them together to create a comprehensive, effective marketing plan?

This course will help you evaluate and combine your ideas to create a single, encompassing marketing plan. This plan will include the priorities, resourcing and performance metrics appropriate for your organization. Once complete, you will be able to immediately put this plan in place to drive results.

Note: This course assumes that you have completed the previous courses in this series, or alternatively, are familiar with the primary paid and owned digital media channels and are acquainted with “customer funnel” and “customer journey” marketing models.

Who should enroll in this course?

Any marketing manager, product manager or entrepreneur looking to gain a basic understanding of digital marketing. Anyone who is looking to move into digital marketing or wants to have general knowledge of the role digital marketing plays in an organization. This program is also suited for individuals who are looking to improve their ability to converse with marketing team members.

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