Working with Legal Professionals
Course Overview

To handle legal matters appropriately, business people need to know how to get good legal advice. This may require finding and retaining a lawyer, or it may involve working with existing in-house counsel. Business people must understand how lawyers approach legal issues and what lawyers need from clients in order to represent them effectively.

With content provided by four legal experts, including Cornell Law School professors and practicing attorneys, this course explains how lawyers work, how to establish an effective relationship with both in-house and external counsel, and how to work with legal professionals on business transactions and litigation. A course project guides you in applying these principles of attorney-client collaboration to your own work situation. 

Who should enroll in this course?
Any person in business who needs to better understand business-related legal issues and who wants to work effectively with legal professionals. The content may be especially appropriate for mid-level business leaders in large companies and senior business people in start-ups. 
Essential Legal Concepts for Business Leaders