Exploring Specialty Areas of Business Law
Course Overview

Running a business is, in many ways, a legal undertaking in itself. With so many moving parts and ongoing concerns, several areas of law are touched upon while doing business: employment laws and regulations, real property, litigation, business tax planning, and startup financial structuring. 

While it’s important to draw on expert legal counsel when required, it’s equally as important to be informed yourself. The more working knowledge you have of these specialty areas of law, the better you’ll be able to identify and discuss them and be prepared to face your pressing issues head on.

This course is co-authored by by six legal experts, including Cornell Law School professors and practicing attorneys. Through a rich set of animated videos and a course project that ensures application of the concepts to your own work situation, you’ll be ready face legal issues that are of particular relevance to your business. 

Who should enroll in this course?
Any person in business who needs to better understand business-related legal issues  and who wants to work effectively with legal professionals. The content may be especially appropriate for mid-level business leaders in large companies and senior business people in start-ups. 
Essential Legal Concepts for Business Leaders