Valuing HR Initiatives
Course Overview

The need to justify spending and the use of resources applies as much to talent as it does to business in general. With that in mind, how can HR professionals show the return on investment in human resource programs? In this course, learners will walk through the steps involved in conducting a credible return on investment (ROI) analysis and will be provided strategies for overcoming common ROI challenges such as isolating the impact of a program and converting the benefits of a program to a monetary value. This course also goes beyond the steps involved in calculating ROI – it provides learners with a framework to decide when ROI makes sense (and when it does not) as well as tools for planning a successful ROI and effectively communicating the results to key stakeholders.

This course does not assume learners have a data analytics background but does assume learners possess basic exposure to HR analytics (from experience or a prior course such as Applied Predictive Analytics in HR).

Who should enroll in this course?
  • HR Associates, Managers and Directors
  • Analysts
  • CHROs and VPs of HR