Assessing the Financial, Strategic, and People-Related Return on Pay for Performance
Course Overview

Like any other factor in an organization, compensation is expected to show a return on its investment. To ensure you are driving behaviors and rewarding results that are consistent with your organizational strategy and mission, your compensation program must be evaluated periodically. Learn how to do so and then how to compare outcomes to expectations and recognize when you are, and aren’t, supporting your long-term organizational goals. 

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Barrington examine how incentive pay benefits an organization with an emphasis on assessing the value of the performance pay plan. They examine the value including not only the profit margin but also the many other factors such as increased productivity, lower turnover, and improved morale. As you assess the financial return of pay-for-performance systems during this course, you will also see the customer experience, business image and reputation, sales, and other outcomes creating more value. 

After completing this course you will be positioned to evaluate pay-for-performance practices as they relate to financial performance, strategic alignment, and talent management.

Who should enroll in this course?
  • New through intermediate-level HR professionals, including lower-level specialists in Compensation and Benefits

  • HR Generalists looking to specialize or round out their skills

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