Attracting and Retaining Talent with Performance Pay
Course Overview

Attracting the right talent to the right position from the start is crucial for organizational success. Once you have your talent in place, retention is an equally important challenge. It costs your organization effort and money every time you need to bring in someone new. As organizations try to do more with less, resources are scaled back and compensation plays a more important role in your talent-management strategy, making it essential to identify and select compensation elements that provide the highest return.

Through the research and expertise of Dr. Barrington and Dr. Thomas, this course will teach you to compare and contrast different pay systems. Doing so will allow you to attract and retain key talent within your organization while also identifying internal equity concerns that may exist.

Who should enroll in this course?
  • New through intermediate-level HR professionals, including lower-level specialists in Compensation and Benefits
  • HR Generalists looking to specialize or round out their skills
Compensation Studies