Driving Engagement
Course Overview

People may assume that it's employee satisfaction or commitment to their job that promotes higher performance, but it's engagement. In this course, you will examine the foundational drivers of engagement and explore the components of successful engagement initiatives. When completed, this course will help you identify strategies for bringing about engagement in organizations.

In companies where 60-70% of employees are engaged, shareholder returns are approximately 24%. Compare that to companies where only 50-60% of employees are engaged: shareholder returns are as low as approximately 5%. Similarly, teams with high engagement experience 4.1% turnover, as opposed to approximately 14.5% turnover for teams with low engagement.  These figures clearly illustrate the significant impact that managers and HR professionals can have if they better understand what impacts the engagement of employees.

Who should enroll in this course?

This course is intended for HR professionals with 0-5 years of experience, HR professionals with responsibility for engagement initiatives or anyone with direct reports who is interested in optimizing their employees’ engagement and productivity. It is also for people who are seeking to enter the HR field, typically from an administrative, accounting, or payroll-related job. Anyone whose professional interests or success depends on an understanding of what engages and motivates people at work. Professionals with responsibility for organizational surveys and/or people analytics.

Human Resources Management