Navigating the Double Bind
Course Overview

Most women in leadership roles face a very common dilemma: If they’re strong, assertive leaders, they’re viewed as domineering and abrasive, encountering resistance as a result; if they aren’t assertive enough, they’re viewed as weak and a pushover, making it hard to get support within the organization. In this course, you will examine that very common “double bind” and identify strategies to deal with it. 

All leaders, regardless of gender, face conflict and resistance and have to work with with people who think, act and communicate differently from themselves. In this course, Deborah Streeter, the Bruce F. Failing, Sr., Professor of Personal Enterprise at Cornell, will show you how to recognize when there's gender bias at play and when there isn't and how to address any issues that arise. 

Who should enroll in this course?

Women who are mid- to-senior level managers, regardless of whether they have a formal team to lead. This course is also meant for women who aspire to move into leadership roles and have a minimum 3-5 years professional experience. It is applicable to a global audience from developed countries.

Women in Leadership