Navigating the Healthcare Regulatory Environment
Course Overview

Patient care, outcomes and safety are of utmost importance in healthcare. This course will explore how to provide stellar service that focuses on safety and positive patient experiences while implementing new systems to enhance operational efficiency.  

This course focuses on the processes, standards, measures, and tools that enable you to improve both the quality and efficiency of your healthcare services. The course begins with a look at expectations and standards upheld by rating services and regulatory agencies, and then considers how inpatient and outpatient performance measures can be implemented. It moves on to address the use of root cause and failure mode analyses as well as efficiency improvement tools relevant to healthcare. The course concludes with specific steps you can take to improve patient satisfaction scores.

The five-part course project helps you apply what you learn to your practice, and provides a set of templates and downloadable tools designed to assist you as you implement key concepts in the course.

Who should enroll in this course?

Medical, nursing, and dental professionals involved in delivering clinical care who hold or who aspire to administrative or managerial responsibilities. Students may come from any size practice, and could work in either the for-profit and non-profit sector, primarily in North America.

Business Excellence for Health Professionals