Guiding Your Organization's Costs and Budgets
Course Overview

Healthcare organizations today must pay as much attention to their financial performance and profitability as they do patient care. This means that healthcare leaders must have a firm grasp on cost accounting and budgeting.

This course is designed to help you to use accounting and budgeting techniques to improve your organization’s bottom line. It begins with a look at best practices in cost accounting, and then moves to broader, strategic steps you can take to implement managerial accounting. The latter half of the course focuses on budgeting, including different approaches to budgeting and the importance of addressing budget variances.

The four-part course project helps you apply what you learn to your own situation, and a set of templates and downloadable tools provide resources designed to assist you as you implement key concepts in the course.

Who should enroll in this course?

Medical, nursing, and dental professionals involved in delivering clinical care who hold or who aspire to administrative or managerial responsibilities. Students may come from any size practice, and could work in either the for-profit and non-profit sector, primarily in North America.

Business Excellence for Health Professionals