Strategically Governing the Organization
Course Overview

Whether you’re starting a new nonprofit or leading a well-established one, it’s important to have refined and planned strategic governance. Organizations follow a lifecycle pattern that is predictable. But some organizations fail, while others thrive. Often the deciding factor is their governance structure and members. 
In this course Professor Grasso, a seasoned nonprofit leader and board member, will share insights into governance at all stages of an organization's life cycle. You’ll have a chance to examine the creation of a board and governance structure, evaluate the mix of an active board, and refine the management of an organization using RAPID decision making. You’ll also explore avoiding and leading through organizational decline and even rebirth into a stronger and better nonprofit.

Who should enroll in this course?

Leaders, administrators, new board members; decision-making program staff; CEOs and executive directors without a formal finance background from a range of types of nonprofits. People seeking promotion into administrative or managerial roles.

Financial Success for Nonprofits