Fundraising and Revenue Generation
Course Overview

Often when you think of nonprofits, you don’t think about revenue generation. But nonprofits, not unlike for-profits, need to generate a certain amount of revenue to run their organizations. Often that revenue generation happens through fundraising efforts. However, there are many other options. 
It’s important to remember that nonprofits are mission-driven organizations. While they do need to stay mission focused, they also need to bring in money to achieve their missions. This course will cover the basics of fundraising, lobbying, grant writing, working with community and family foundations, and using social networking, marketing, and branding, all in efforts to bring in more revenue. Professor Grasso will share models of fundraising, approaches to other funding, and strategies for organizational communication. 

Who should enroll in this course?

Leaders, administrators, new board members; decision-making program staff; CEOs and executive directors without a formal finance background from a range of types of nonprofits. People seeking promotion into administrative or managerial roles.

Financial Success for Nonprofits