Defining Interfaces
Course Overview

Interfaces are one of the most important parts of design and design implementation. However, they are often one of the most challenging aspects to identify and manage, and one of the most common points of failure of any system. As a result, there has been a multitude of software developed to aid in managing this process. However, without a strong understanding of the interfaces and how the subsystem teams work together, the use of the software packages is futile. They are only as good as the information put into them.

In this course, you will explore a number of different tools including sequence diagrams and interface matrices to help tease out and formalize your interfaces and interface specifications. This formalization step will help your team to discuss the impact and the dependencies of these interfaces. You will then produce the details and record them as interface specifications so that your team can design and create a well-integrated credible system.

Who should enroll in this course?
  • Any manager from a wide variety of organization types, roles, and functional areas who is responsible for serving external and internal customers.
  • Anyone whose staff or unit is responsible for providing a consistent and high level of service, making things easy for customers, and delivering on the promise of a quality experience every time.
  • Students may belong to service-oriented organizations including for-profits, NGOs, and governmental agencies.
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