Implementing the Quality Function Deployment Method
Course Overview

The quality function deployment (QFD) is one of the most effective methods for relating performance metrics that a customer cares about to technical criteria and engineering parameters and ultimately, the design targets a team needs to build their solution. You will learn that the QFD expresses this relationship in a way that allows you to compare your concepts to your competitors’ and to understand the trade-offs between engineering parameters and their influence on performance criteria. This equips you to argue effectively that your design targets will lead your team to a winning solution.

In this course, you will go through a detailed, step-by-step process to build a QFD for your own project. You will examine the interrelationship between different engineering characteristics. You will use all this information, along with factors such as cost and technical difficulty, to establish strong design targets and get an estimate of your final system’s performance.

Who should enroll in this course?
  • Any manager from a wide variety of organization types, roles, and functional areas who is responsible for serving external and internal customers.
  • Anyone whose staff or unit is responsible for providing a consistent and high level of service, making things easy for customers, and delivering on the promise of a quality experience every time.
  • Students may belong to service-oriented organizations including for-profits, NGOs, and governmental agencies.
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