Assessing Your System’s Performance and Value
Course Overview

Decision matrices are one of the most commonly used engineering tools. They are used to help rationalize why one option should be chosen over another, and you can find some form of them in just about every business, industry, and government. Decision matrices may not always be identified as such but can be used as part of a trade study, competitive analysis, or options review. As prevalent as these matrices are, they are also one of the most misused tools out there.

In this course, you begin by developing performance metrics. These performance metrics will allow you to objectively determine the value of any potential solution to a challenge. You will then develop a decision matrix around these metrics by applying justifiable weights and tuning the metrics to account for the needs and priorities of specific customers. By learning how to create a superior decision matrix with these well-defined performance metrics, you can achieve tremendous influence on a project even if you do not have official authority.

Who should enroll in this course?
  • Any manager from a wide variety of organization types, roles, and functional areas who is responsible for serving external and internal customers.
  • Anyone whose staff or unit is responsible for providing a consistent and high level of service, making things easy for customers, and delivering on the promise of a quality experience every time.
  • Students may belong to service-oriented organizations including for-profits, NGOs, and governmental agencies.
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