Developing System Requirements
Course Overview
This course guides you through the process of deciding how your system should interact with all the elements in the context you identified. You will articulate what your system needs to do to successfully complete its use case using a tool called the Use Case Behavioral Diagram (UCBD). With the UCBD you will derive professional, functional requirements that describe what any valid solution must do throughout its use cases. Then you will develop the UCBD in a way that will meet your customers’ needs, but not so prescriptive that it prevents your team from using all of your talent in service of making your project a success.
Who should enroll in this course?
  • Any manager from a wide variety of organization types, roles, and functional areas who is responsible for serving external and internal customers.
  • Anyone whose staff or unit is responsible for providing a consistent and high level of service, making things easy for customers, and delivering on the promise of a quality experience every time.
  • Students may belong to service-oriented organizations including for-profits, NGOs, and governmental agencies.
Systems Design