Using Earned Value Management for Project Managers
Course Overview
Project managers need to keep things on track by keeping a close eye on the scope of and resources invested in a project. Forecasting, adjusting, and applying corrective measures during the project lifecycle are also key functions of a project manager. This set of processes and protocols that help ensure project success is called earned value management (EVM). Every project manager should have at least a working knowledge of EVM and its theoretical underpinnings. This course is designed for project managers who seek an introduction to EVM to achieve better practical results for implementing project controls, including financial controls and schedule controls. The calculations presented here are meant for any experienced project manager, including those who are not engineers, to apply to any size project. Students in this course will be most successful if they have a foundational understanding of standard project management tools and processes including project networks, project budgets and schedules, and work breakdown structures.
Who should enroll in this course?

Students may be team leaders, managers, and individual contributors from any functional area who are responsible for the success of projects or initiatives of any size and do not have formal project management training. Students will come from every continent and from a diverse range of organizations, including for-profits large and small, NGOs, and governmental agencies. Students will be most successful if they have had exposure to formal project management efforts within their organizations. Some familiarity with standard project-management tools will be helpful.

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