Project Teams: Mining Collective Intelligence
Course Overview

A work team's real potential for success lies in its "collective intelligence": the sum of a workgroup's individual skills, behaviors and competencies. The more integrity a team has, the better positioned it is to handle uncertainty and see a project through to successful completion. It's role of the the project leader role to create a work environment where a group's collective intelligence can be leveraged to the greatest effect.

This course introduces research-grounded theories behind group dynamics and teaches how to create and maintain group cohesion. Learn to facilitate group problem-solving, and manage the most common challenges to effective group functioning, including a lack of cohesion, the onset of groupthink, and dealing with virtual teams.

Project leaders who have the theoretical and practical knowledge to identify and capitalize on a group's collective intelligence tend to be the most successful at achieving desired outcomes.

This course has been approved for 6.5 Professional Development Units (PDUs) from the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Who should enroll in this course?

This course is essential for Project Management Professionals (PMPs®), project managers, and functional managers charged with leading a cross-functional or project team. The course also provides applicable leadership training for business leaders, mid-level managers, and project managers.

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