Courageous Communication for Engineering Leaders
Course Overview

Leaders need to be bold visionaries and trendsetters. They need to guide people and inspire those people to achieve the vision they lay out. To do so, the leader must be courageous. As leaders put so much of their efforts into guiding and inspiring others, it’s fundamental for them to be skilled communicators. Engineers may not have spent much time refining their communication skills, especially those that involve a great deal of courage. However, leaders have and feel emotions within the workplace, and can harness those emotions to improve their leadership skills and become more courageous communicators.

In this course, Professor Erica Dawson, Ph.D., the Nancy and Bob Selander Director of Engineering Leadership Programs at Cornell University, will help you develop your confidence and motivation to enact courageous communication. You will start by developing a new perspective on what courageous communication in the workplace is and how emotions play a role. You will then set intentions for moving forward. Ultimately your work will help you use the skills associated with courageous communication to develop and manage your team using feedback and leveraging difficult situations.

Who should enroll in this course?
  • Emerging engineering leaders with 0-10+ years experience
  • Engineers who are early to mid career who have been on the technical side and want to move into a leadership role
  • Leaders who work with engineers and technology professionals in a cross-functional role
  • Early professionals seeking to go back for an MBA and want a taste of leadership content
  • Graduate students who are transitioning from an academic track to an industry track PhD students who want to move out of academia
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