Decision-Making Skills for Engineering Leaders
Course Overview

Leaders of all kinds have to make informed and resolute decisions. Engineers are often fact and data driven, which can make them excellent decision makers. In general, everyone has a decision-making style—what separates out great decision makers is their ability to adapt based on a problem’s needs.

You will begin this course by evaluating your default decision-making style using a data-driven tool, “Decision-Making for Leaders” designed by Victor Vroom, a leading expert on decision making. You will then explore what quality decisions look like. These initial steps will set you up to more effectively take action and make good decisions.

Professor Erica Dawson, PhD., the Nancy and Bob Selander Director of Engineering Leadership Programs at Cornell University, guides you through the course, allowing you to evaluate yourself, digest the results and data, then assess your ability to effectively adapt. The course concludes with the creation of an action plan, setting yourself on a path for future success.

Who should enroll in this course?
  • Emerging engineering leaders with 0-10+ years experience
  • Engineers who are early to mid career who have been on the technical side and want to move into a leadership role
  • Leaders who work with engineers and technology professionals in a cross-functional role
  • Early professionals seeking to go back for an MBA and want a taste of leadership content
  • Graduate students who are transitioning from an academic track to an industry track PhD students who want to move out of academia
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