Strengths-Based Engineering Leadership
Course Overview

As leaders, we often give and receive feedback about weaknesses and development opportunities. There are typically systems and processes within organizations that encourage this type of feedback and drive employees to improve in specific areas. The question is, why do we spend so much time on weakness, and does it help?

In this course, you will take a different approach to leadership development. Leading from strength is about looking at what someone is naturally good at, as well as the skills gained through experience. You will harness these strengths and learn to leverage and expand them. Leadership development takes time—you won't be done with your journey when you complete this course. With that in mind, the course asks you to look into the future and set personalized development goals.

Who should enroll in this course?
  • Emerging engineering leaders with 0-10+ years experience
  • Engineers who are early to mid career who have been on the technical side and want to move into a leadership role
  • Leaders who work with engineers and technology professionals in a cross-functional role
  • Early professionals seeking to go back for an MBA and want a taste of leadership content
  • Graduate students who are transitioning from an academic track to an industry track PhD students who want to move out of academia
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